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How and When Should I Reset An Electric Blanket

Mar. 12, 2022

Electric blankets are great for keeping you warm on a cold winter night. They are just one type of the many warm bedding products available today. These include inner blankets, outer blankets, throws, products that target only one part of the body, such as the feet, and those designed to keep your whole body warm. In terms of safety, electric blankets have come a long way in the last few decades. They are no longer the heating pads your grandmother had in the 1950s. Among many other improvements, all electric blankets are now required to have overheat protection and many include an automatic shut-off option.


MULAN electric blankets are some of the best on the market, with beautiful designs, a wide range of temperatures, personalized heat settings and a variety of sizes to choose from.

While MULAN electric blankets are a reliable, well-tested product, like everything, they can occasionally run into trouble.

Electric Blanket

When to reset

There are several situations that may require you to reset your electric blanket.


If your electric blanket has a digital display, it will flash the "FF" sign if you are experiencing problems with your product. For products with gradient control, the same will be indicated by flashing.

This indicates that there may be a problem inside the electric blanket. You need to disconnect the power immediately, wait for a while, and then restart.

Not heat properly

Keep in mind that modern electric blankets work in a way that helps you maintain your own body temperature. While they may not appear hot to the touch immediately, they may still be working properly. However, if you suspect that your electric blanket is not working properly, you may need to reset it or perform a fold test to ensure that it is indeed not heating up.

To do this, first fold the blanket as if you were going to put it away. Locate the controls without unfolding the blanket. Check that the control cable is properly connected to the connection module. If not, click the plastic clasp into place to connect it. Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet, turn the blanket "on" and set it to the highest setting. Wait a few minutes, then place your hand between the folds and check to see if the blanket is heating up. If not, you may want to try resetting it, or contact our service line.

Electric Blanket

Resetting the blanket

To reset your MULAN electric blanket, follow these steps. First, unplug the electric blanket from the outlet. Second, check that the controls are properly connected to the module. If so, plug the blanket's power cord back into the outlet and turn the blanket "on".

If resetting the blanket does not solve the problem, MULAN recommends unplugging the blanket and contacting them.

Contact us and we will help you with your questions. We have high quality materials and layouts, all you need to do is tell us what you want and we'll come up with a design for you, no matter the color or design, until after you are satisfied, it's time to create. Soon, you will enjoy the luxury and comfort of a custom heated blanket and add this single addition to your home decor.

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